BLP Graduate campaign & Microsite

Engaging with top legal talent.

BLP asked Konstructive to produce an interactive digital campaign for its graduate recruitment activity.  Such was its overwhelming success that it won a Dadi Award.

The project

Talented graduates are the lifeblood of international full-service law firm Berwin Leighton Pasiner (BLP). Despite winning law firm of the year, awareness of BLP amongst law students was lower than its biggest rivals, who also had far more resources. With the recruitment season looming, BLP wanted to break through with a non-traditional approach to engaging law's rising stars.

BLP’s new brand concept 'BerwinLeightonPaisnericity' represents what it looks for in new recruits - people that stand out from the crowd and like a challenge.  Based on this, BLP briefed Konstructive to produce an integrated campaign that would create a real buzz. It had to raise the profile of the firm within the graduate space and drive applications from the top tier of graduates.

The campaign

1. Creating a buzz - the graduate challenges

The original challenge, the Taxi Test, is an interactive and engaging way of testing whether graduates have 'BerwinLeightonPaisnericity'.

This video-based challenge simulates a taxi ride with an important client. The player answers quick-fire multiple-choice questions on legal topics and their observations. The quicker questions are answered correctly, the more points a player gets and, since questions appear randomly, no player gets the same question set with repeat plays.

Strategically the challenges campaign help BLP to meet its objectives:

Engaging - BLP stays front of mind, students revisit the site and so are more likely to apply. Incentivising players with prizes and publishing the highest scores during the campaign generates a sense of fun and competitiveness.

Self-selecting – identifies students best suited for a role at BLP which drives higher quality applications.

Functional – players have to register to view their score meaning BLP can keep in touch.

2. A fresh, modern website

The challenges are hosted on a dedicated graduate recruitment website which serves to raise BLP’s profile, ultimately driving more job applications via consistent calls to action across the site.

Visually the site offers a new perspective, taking inspiration from outside the legal sector to appeal to a youthful audience. It combines key elements from BLP’s core branding with the fresh look of the new graduate recruitment campaign that includes large macro photography of singular items to represent specific graduate qualities. Content is broken down into a visual grid structure, keeping pages uncluttered whilst driving users down to more detailed information if required. 

3. Creating awareness 

BLP spread the word about its innovative graduate campaign through graduate fairs and on campus where the challenges are a great conversation starter.  It also ran a PR campaign in key trade media as well as launching a customised Facebook page to drive traffic to the game and communicate with students in an informal environment.

A positive impact

The Taxi Text campaign produced outstanding results with an unprecedented number of applications received from its main target group of graduates.  Testament to its success was BLP's decision to relaunch the challenge the following year.


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The competition to attract brilliant graduates is fierce and there is no doubt that the Taxi Challenge has helped BLP to stand out from the crowd.  We’re proud to be the only law firm with an innovative challenge as part of their overall campaign. Last year was so successful that it has again become a centrepiece for this year's recruitment season.

Claire England, BLP Graduate Recruitment and Trainee Manager