LavaSuite Content

LavaSuite Content is an enterprise class Content Management System, that provides rich functionality at an incredible price including personalisation and optional ecommerce module. As experts in technology, contact Konstructive today for advice on the best CMS to meet your business requirements.

LavaSuite has been written specifically to allow marketers to get on with marketing and is both an easy to use and powerful Content Management System.

It has a very rich user interface that content editors love. Unusually at this price point, LavaSuite has the ability to customise the content that the user experiences.

A powerful ecommerce module is available which includes powerful promotions, drag-and-drop merchandising and the ability to display merchandise how you want, rather than one limited by your ecommerce system.

Key features

  • Enterprise class CMS and optional commerce module
  • Rich user interface
  • Personalisation
  • Easily extendable and connectable to other systems due to extensive use of APIs
  • Proprietary or licenced options
  • Enterprise class ecommerce module available
  • Multi-lingual, multi-device and in the case of commerce, multi-currency

Recent Case Studies

LavaSuite details

  • LavaSuite
  • Adobe, Apache, Java
  • CMS & Commerce
  • OpenSuite and licenced
Recommended for
  • Professional Services
  • Retail

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