Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform for top 1,000 retailers with over $50bn in gross transactions annually. As experts in technology, contact Konstructive today for advice on the best ecommerce system to meet your business requirements.

Magento is a feature-rich open-source e-commerce platform solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the functionality of their online channel.

Magento’s search engine optimization, catalogue management, and powerful marketing tools give merchants the ability to create sites that provide an unrivalled shopping experience for their customers.

Magento’s intuitive administration interface allows you to tailor your site to your unique business needs. Completely scalable, Magento is the leading mid-market eCommerce solution.

Magento is available in two editions: Community and Enterprise. One of the attractions of Magento is the extensive collection of extensions available. These allow almost any functionality to be added and integration to a wide range of systems.

In November 2015, Magento 2.0 was launched. This next generation product provides enhanced performance and scalability, new features to boost conversion rates and business agility and productivity improvements. 

Key features

  • Feature rich ecommerce system
  • Numerous extensions available to allow additional functionality and integrations to be added at reasonable cost
  • Fully responsive and based on HTML5
  • Open source version has no licence fees
  • Substantial user-base

Magento details

  • Magento Inc
  • PHP
  • Commerce
  • Open Source and licenced
Recommended for
  • Retailers

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