Lean and agile design

Christian Hoper, Creative Director

Lean and agile... yes please. Just sounds right so it must be hey?
The Agile inspired approach to design, has its roots in the lean manufacturing process and Agile software development. There has been much discussed recently about how to apply these principles to the digital design process a great read with reference to this Eric Ries book the Lean Startup.

It inspired me up to see how streamlined we can get the process on projects here at Konstructive. A lot of what Lean and Agile working is all about is good business and design sense. We have set up teams are purposely compact so that we can work in more agile way. With designers and coders working together with clients to design, build, test and measure early on. It's about empowering the project teams to make the right choices and to be able to respond and pivot quickly and efficiently where and when needed. Whether we produce a website, mobile, app or commerce tool they are all essentially products and as such we are manufacturers. I have long thought of what we do as design engineering. The leaner and more agile we can work the better the product and the more rewarding and successful our work and lives will be.

The exciting and breathtaking rate of change in the digital space means we are constantly reassessing and improving our process and this helps us stay lean, efficient and agile as a company.

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