Create jaw-dropping publications your audience will remember. Transition your printed sales and marketing materials into immersive, media-rich collateral that readers can interact with on any deice.

As a partner of Foleon, the number one tool for producing interactive web content, Konstructive can empower your organisation with the tools to create your own publications or alternatively we can manage the whole process for you.



Benefits of Foleon:

  • Design beautiful publications quickly and easily

  • A rich set of tools to create and manage content

  • Empowers modern marketeers through tracking user behaviour, measurement of engagement etc.

  • Doesn't require in-house IT or developer resource

  • Fully GDPR compliance and ISO 27001 certified

  • Integrate Foleon with your existing CRM and email marketing platforms

Your key questions answered

Can I transition all my existing printed marketing materials into digital content?

Yes, Foleon empowers organisations to create targeted, polished state-of-the-art content experiences to prospective buyers. We have several clients who are on the journey of replacing all their existing printed brochures and marketing collateral into interactive e-publications.

Why choose us?

Our ethos is one of empowering our clients through providing great tools, training and advice. Foleon is an incredible tool for transforms organisations ability to create stunning content.

Konstructive is an authorised partner of Foleon.

If you're ready to revolutionise your content experience, contact us today.