Let konstructive help you find the right technology that meets your needs

Choosing the right technology

Choosing the right technology can be challenging, so at Konstructive we will spend time understanding your short term and long term requirements so that we can best advise which technologies will best meet your business requirements. we will take into account the features you need today and the ability to expand the technolgy offering in the future and also help you understand the capex and opex costs associated with each of the options that we would present.

In terms of technology skills we have a broad range of experience building responsive websites and ecommerce solutions. Often we are the go to company when a client wants to do something different whether thats integrating to other systems or complex shopping experiences.

We have both Java, PHP and app development skills which we utilise to create solutions that empower our clients to get on with the day to day running of their businesses. Often this will encompass developing a solution that integrates into recommendation engines or personalisation, it could involve ERP, PIM or order management and fulfilment and nearly always involves integrating with marketing automation and search technology.  Our team has experience across a whole range of technologies and will be able to design a solution that will meet your ever changing business needs.

Why not explore some of the technology platforms that we work with and get in touch to discuss your requirements.