Technical accelerators
Flexible Widgets


Enterprise Wordpress websites designed and built on the world's most popular CMS.

Benefit from the speed of our pre-built accelerators and the capability provided by our library of powerful widgets.

WordPress Accelerators

With our Wordpress Technical Accelerators we are able to deliver sites quickly with advanced functionality which speeds up time to deliver and empowers site users


  • PageBuilder
  • Empowering widgets
  • Rich media components
  • Search Engine Optimisations
  • Query builder

Flexible Widgets

  • Accordion Widget
  • Google maps
  • Carousels and Sliders
  • Social Media integrations
  • Query Builder
  • People Directory
  • News and Insights
  • TrustPilot integration
  • Video Player Widget
  • Tag manager and Analytics
  • SEO plugins
  • Cookie banners

We partner with some amazing companies to provide specialist functionality