Standout site delivered for innovative law service in just 6 weeks

BCLP needed a site with real Wow delivered on a tight timescale


"I trust Konstructive to deliver a quality website every time that empowers my team to hit our deadlines and which surpasses our internal expectations.” Keith Hardie, Director of Innovation Marketing & Development

BCLP Cubed is a legal innovation from leading law firm BCLP. Integrating volume legal delivery with complex legal advice and legal operations support. It delivers cost savings, reduces risks and provides data insights.

The challenge

Being an innovator, BCLP need the ability to be able to launch website quickly and with the minimum of internal disruption. Konstructive were commissioned to launch an ambitious project on a short timescale. Given the tight timescales, branding and copy were still very much in development as the site was being built.

The brief

The BCLP Cubed website needed to provide a structure and space to tell the story of the Power of 3 proposition.

What we did and results

What we did

The innovative nature of the project made it essential that we worked closely with the client to identify the proposition and the audience needs early on. We had to work on our streams with the brand and some of the content only in early stages of development. We developed a set of wireframes that enabled the client to visually identify the shape of the site and identify what content was required. From this we were able to provide a plan which allowed the site to be developed whilst the content was still in production.

We looked carefully at the user journeys for the core audience. This highlighted the need for clear sector-based user journeys and the need to create forward momentum on the user journey. This helps to ensure that the potential client has consumed highlights of the proposition before being encouraged to make contact with the firm to discuss it in more detail.

Given the tight deadlines, we managed the project process minimising the need for the client to worry about it. With detailed testing, training and content support, the client could focus on the launch and content activities. Working closely with the clients IT team, we managed the go-live process and our support team were able to make content changes post go-live quickly.


We delivered a high-quality website, with well-structured user journeys and innovative features in just 6 weeks. The site was delivered with minimum impact to the client. Training and documentation has empowered the client to be able to manage the content themselves. The firm was delighted with the website which exceeded their internal expectations.

Next Steps

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