Digital brand evolution

There are several reasons why you may be considering evolving your digital brand:

  • Refreshing your brand as part of a digital brand transformation strategy
  • Evolving your brand to adapt to a changing marketing landscape
  • Expansion of your brand into new markets and geographies

Brand evolution

Refreshing your brand is a great way of keeping your organisation looking fresh and relevant.

We use a standard methodology that we’ve developed over 10 years and adapted to meet your specific requirements and challenges. 

We  keep the best of what you have today and evolve it to take the business to the next stage as quickly as possible. We have delivered digital brand evolution projects in as little as 3 weeks depending upon your requirements.

What do I get for my investment?

You will get:

  • Competitor benchmarking report
  • Development of a set of ‘big ideas’ that support digital transformation and which drive innovation
  • Visual concepts demonstrating the new brand
  • Integrated digital marketing plan
  • Implementation plan and support

Your key questions answered

We are looking at changing our brand completely can you help?

As a specialist digital agency we only undertake digital brand evolution. We can recommend specialist branding agencies who can help create a new brand for you.

I am working with a branding agency for my main designs, are you able to help with the detailed design of the website from their concepts?

Yes, of course we can. We regularly take initial website design concepts from branding agencies and then develop the detail and UX to deliver a truly outstanding website or digital asset.

How long does a brand evolution project typically take?

The time varies depending upon the final scope of the project but a month from initial commencement date is a typical brand evolution project length.

Can you run brand evolution projects remotely?

Yes, we regularly run brand evolution projects for clients where we do all the communications electronically - typically via video conferencing. We have run a number of brand evolution projects for global organisations where the logitistics of visiting every site would be challenging and costly.

Why choose us?

We have a proven process trusted by our clients that delivers great results, and which is quicker and lower cost than a traditional branding project.

Unusually, our team combines creatives, content writers and commercial consultants to ensure that the brand evolution will deliver business benefits for your organisation.

Here are just some brands that Konstructive have helped evolve:

Reignwood UK