Empowering Site Widgets

Magnolia and CommerceKit

Magnolia + CommerceKit is the empowering omnichannel transformation commerce platform

Magnolia and CommerceKit provides the digital infrastructure to be able to manage your online store and presence, with flexible integrations including ERP systems, recommendation engines and marketing automation platforms.

Empowering Merchandising

CommerceKit and Magnolia provide a rich merchandising and personalisation environment allowing Brands to drive conversion and adapt to local geography

Why you should choose CommerceKit and Magnolia

Create great customer experiences

Magnolia and CommerceKit will transform your commerce experiences, engaging customers with rich editorial content personalised to your visitor. The rewards are significant; personalised content has been show to raise conversions by up to 300%.

Sell more through multiple channels

Magnolia provides a seamless experience across multiple channels. Mobile optimisations are automatically applied as needed, while content can be shared across sites. Content, campaign and volumes of store assets can be easily managed from any device.

Trade globally

Multiple-warehousing and individual store stock positions allow you to trade globally. Multiple-sites can be created from a single instance, with shareable content, to create an international presence. Full support for multiple currencies and multiple languages.

Rich merchandising

Merchandise your products tailored to the geographic location of your customers. Personalise and tune the products displayed based on recommendations and personalisation. Boosting functionality allows additional control over the visual merchandising based on price, margin, stock position and conversion rates.


You don’t want to worry about performance, scalability or security. Magnolia and CommerceKit are built to serve these requests and maintain performance when faced with growth, heavy use and traffic. Magnolia and CommerceKit can be deployed as a stand-alone system, or in the cloud with a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Best of breed technology

Magnolia and CommerceKit use a mixture of well- proven technologies based on best of breed Java technology.

Key features of Magnolia and CommerceKit

  • Tight integration into Magnolia Internationalisation
  • Multi-lingual content
  • Multi-currency
  • Multiple sites with a single installation
  • Manage multiple-stores globally
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Multiple stock positions
  • Rules based merchandising
  • Connects to leading recommendation engines
  • Role-based user management
  • Connect to leading Marketing Automation and CRM platforms including Dotmailer
  • Configurable work flow for order management, fulfillment and payment

We partner with some amazing companies to provide specialist functionality