BCLP Trainee

Trainee microsite for award-winning law firm

Recruiting the best new legal minds



BCLP is a leading international law firm with over 1,400 lawyers helping clients devlop and deliver business strategies.

The challenge

Every major law firm wants to attract the best young minds each year wanting to persue a career in law to join their firm. BCLP is no exception and has a record of recruiting some of the best talent.

The brief

BCLP wanted a simple website that could be changed easily each year to accomodate different campaigns and themes. The site needed to look like a BCLP website, but with a less serious brand to attract its younger audience.

What we did

We developed a simple set of components that would allow BCLP to easily update their site each year with a new campaign. The client had a very tight timescale, with the site needing to be live in under a month.



The BCLP Trainee site was launched on time and has been updated a couple of times to reflect this years campaign theme for recruitment.

Next Steps

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