Everglen Capital Partners

Simple clear and concise site and brand evolution

A clear and concise new website for this specialist investment company with an emphasis on user-centred design and compliance




Everglen Capital Partners is the London based operational management business of Everglen Capital; an investment company focused on specialised finance, credit and risk services, technology and residential & commercial property.

Konstructive were asked to design and build a new website that reflected their brand and which demonstrated their strength and knowledge in managing investments. The site also had to meet a number of compliance and legal requirements; an area of expertise at Konstructive thanks to our work with leading law firms and professional services organisations.

The site needed to look simple and clear, and to take the user through some clearly defined user journeys.

We built the site on a tight timeline in WordPress using a bespoke template in order to provide uniqueness to the site. The site is easy for the client to edit and create additional content for. New pages can be designed quickly and easily thanks to the ability to drag and drop different design elements on the page.

To reflect their new branding we also updated their stationery and business cards, working with a specialist printer to produce cards incorporating luxury finishes.

The site was delivered on time and on budget, within very aggressive timelines.

Next Steps

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